Become a member

Our members are the heart and soul of our club, and we offer many benefits to support their dog sport endeavors.

  • Regular club practice opportunities where we enjoy playing agility with our dogs. These practices allow members to work through handling issues as our peers observe from ringside and offer guidance and support to build each agility team's potential.
  • This familiar support is seen at ringside at a trial as well.
  • The club offers agility seminars periodically to build the memberships' knowledge and add tools to their handling toolbox for various course challenges that may be presented.
  • Seminars are also offered to introduce other dog sports to our members such as Treibball, Rally or fitness classes.
  • One of our regular public events include FunRuns which are held throughout the year and offered at a discounted rate to members. These are monthly themed events offered to the public for any dog/handler that has gone through an agility class and looking to begin running courses, learn the ropes of the trial scene, and socialize their dogs in the trial-like environment. This is a great benefit for our new members who are seeking an introduction to the etiquette and expectations of a trial, including the various volunteer jobs necessary to put on a trial.
  • We don't expect all our members to be competition teams, all we ask is that you have a positive attitude and RUN for FUN with your dog in whatever venture you pursue in your backyard or in the ring.