April 18 Fun Run 
​Pineland Farms Equestrian Center - Members only
Event time: 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Plan to arrive by 10:30 to set up, sign in and walk the course. First dog on the line at 11. Each team will get three, 90-second turns in the ring. 

Check back here often to see additional information about this event as it gets closer.

Below is a list of confirmed attendees.
If your situation has changed or you have other questions, please email Diane MacEwan at k9to5@outlook.com.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Confirmed attendees:
Y Anderson Katie Denali 16
Y Aube Rebeccah Picnic 12
Y Aube Rebeccah Acre/Adventure 8
Y Bates Emily Jordan 20
Y Bates Emily Greta 16
y Bennett Linda Teddy 12
y Bennett Phil Coach/Georgia 16
Y Bettler Merrie Ruff 20
Y Bettler Merrie Kit 16
Y Cassista Donna KaDee 12
Y Clark Lori Rae 12
y Compagna Val Korben 12
y Compagna Dan Mojo 12
y Compagna Dan Torque 20

Y Crabtree  Elizabeth Hazer 16
Y Dennis Jackie Piper 8
Y Dennis Jackie Toby 12
Y Farren Kathy Jo Nina 12
Y Farren Kathy Jo Will 12
Y Farrington Jerriann Tucker 16
Y Farrington Jerriann Konan 20
Y Fischel Sally Briar 8
Y Gervais Sue Twinkie 4
Y Hammond Deborah Keeper 16
Y Hammond Deborah Myah 8
Y Henderson Rebecca Ryder 8
Y Henderson Rebecca Finch 8
Y Hill Kate Brody 20
Y Hornig Linda Misu 16
y Hutchinson Kristie Pearl 12
y Hutchinson Kristie Midge 12
Y Katnik Don Scout 16
Y Larrabee Loretta Kaylee 4
Y Lavoie Kristen Aria 16
y MacEwan Diane Summit 12
Y MacEwan Diane Bella 8
Y McCabe Alda Maverick 12
Y McCabe Alda Moss 20
Y McIntyre Sally Gus 12
Y McIntyre Sally Sinnie 12
Y Mitchell Joanie Madsy 20
Y Mitchell Henry Bugsy 20
Y Mulcahey Dawn Ike 20
Y Mulcahey Dawn Micah 20
Y O'Guin Gwendolyn Finn 16
Y Pattison Julie Indie 16
Y Petersen Chris/Bob Maddie 16
Y Petersen Chris/Bob Jett 20
Y Shelmerdine Cynthia Coda 16
Y Thompson Kathryn Keltie 12
Y Thompson Kathryn Buccleigh 12
Y Turcotte Sue Quinn 16